My Story


As a kid you always get asked the age old question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  I often threw out the typical kid answers like dolphin trainer or horse rider with whole hearted intensions, however, as I continued through school that question became more difficult to answer. I began job shadowing and taking various college courses in hopes of discovering an area in which both passion and career collided. Throughout this process, a few things became very clear. One was that my love for creativity had grown significantly upon entering into a more independent young adult roll and the other being that my need for everything to have a place and for everything to be in its place was very real (Thanks mom!). After taking all of this into consideration, I felt that a degree in elementary education would allow me to utilize my creative abilities for the purpose of helping kiddos grow and learn!

The decision to pursue an elementary education degree brought about a significant change in my life. I decided it would be best for me to move to Chattanooga, TN to attend Southern Adventist University. Once enrolled, I tried out for SAU's gymnastics team, where I was fortunate enough to meet my husband Kyle. We soon began dating and were engaged two years later!

During our engagement I was in the process of finishing up my education degree and Kyle was working a steady job. After some discussion, we decided it was most sensible to stay in Chattanooga after the wedding, and well, Kyle refused to live anywhere else!  Realizing we weren't going anywhere anytime soon, my heart quickly became set on owning my first home.  After months of searching with no success, the perfect 1,800 square foot house fell into our laps about a month before our wedding. Cue immediate nesting mode! This is when my love for decorating truly began to flourish. I have had an absolute blast finding my own style through countless Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, and Kirklands runs (Just to name a few). I loved bringing my "blank canvas" to life!

Not long after Kyle and I were married, I received a call from a little school down in Dalton, GA who was looking for a Pre-K teacher. At this point in time I was not feeling super confident about my career choice, as I had just completed a very draining long-term substitute position. Pushing negative feelings aside, I decided to look into this opportunity further and meet the principal and teachers. To my surprise, I loved the school and decided to join them for the school year as their Pre-K teacher.

My first semester with my Pre-K babies was enjoyable and full of happy moments, however I still found myself to be antsy and more looking forward to completing that unfinished DIY task I had begun over the weekend.

When I found out I was pregnant with our little girl, I immediately knew my world was never going to be the same! I have always wanted to be able to stay home with my children and knew that this would over-rule my desire to continue down my current career path.

My passion for home decor exploded as I began creating Kynlee's nursery. From the selection of furniture to a complete shiplap wall came a spiraling of "projects" in every room of my home until everything was just the way I envisioned it.  My love to "create" only continued to grow as I purchased my first DSLR camera, and began to create custom designs for clothing and stickers.

Aside from being a mother, nothing gets me more pumped than watching my creativity come to life through various projects 🙂


Meet the rest of the Dennis clan!


Kyle & Harry

Kyle and I met at Southern Adventist University in 2013, started dating in 2014, and got married in 2016.  He's one of the hardest working people I know!  His partner Harry joined the family in October of 2017 and they've been inseparable ever since!  One of Kyle's dreams was to work a K9, and when he was given this opportunity after only working with his department for a few years, we were pretty excited!



This little girl has brought immeasurable joy into our lives and we can't imagine our lives without her!


Tucker & Diesel

Animal rescue has become a very passionate subject with me.  I've always had a very special place in my heart for Boxers, and was determined to rescue one after Kyle and I got married.  I found East Tennessee Boxer Rescue in Knoxville and quickly submitted my application.  Once approved, we were quickly matched up with Tucker (brown Boxer) because he was good with cats (which was a must for us because of the 4 cats we had accumulated!).  He quickly became my 4 legged best friend, but I knew my home and heart had room for one more wiggle butt!  Diesel joined our family in June of 2016 from Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue in Nashville, Tennessee.  Both of these boys hold such a special place in my heart, and are both SO good with their little human sister!



Oliver, Sein, Stewart, & Lex

Cats have a way of just showing up and somehow tricking you to keep them.  This is how we ended up with 4 cats (only 1 tolerates the camera, hence the 1 picture):

  • I found my cat Stewart when I was in highschool.  She was thrown out of the car window in front of me, so of course I had to take her home!
  • Kyle's friend found a little tabby kitten in his girlfriends backyard.  Kyle had recently lost a cat, so who better to take the kitten to?  She became known as Lex, but better known around here as Puff.
  • One evening after gym practice we heard a cat meowing.  When we found him he gladly hopped in the car and came home with us.  Pretty sure we stole someones cat, oh well.  He was known as Mr. Kitty for while, but Kyle continued to call him Senior Gato Suave, and is now known as Sein.
  • I went to a graduation party for a friend, and when I showed up the hostess had taken in a pregnant momma who had kittens.  I fell in love with the orange one, and the rest was history.  Around here he's known as the Orange Devil, but his real name is Oliver.

The boys beat up on the girls sometimes, but for having 4 cats and 2 dogs in the house at all times, we live a pretty peaceful life!